Health And Safety For Tesla Owners

Tesla owners aren’t just in love with the speed and sexy designs of their vehicles. One of the most important parts of owning a Tesla is the added safety features that other cars simply do not offer. The enhanced autopilot software is the most talked about feature of the Tesla fleet, but it’s not the only health and safety measure that you can count on. 

This blog will break down health and safety facts that all Tesla owners should know.

Enhanced Autopilot Software Package

The full Autopilot software package includes many active safety features that are routinely overlooked. Lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking are just a few of the additions that make driving a Tesla one of the safest experiences available. Even if you do not purchase the autopilot software package, every Tesla made after 2014 will include these features.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature will activate your car’s brakes when sensors show that it could collide with something in its path. Even if the brakes don’t completely prevent an accident, they are shown to reduce the severity of the impact. Avoid rear-ending mistakes and potentially dangerous highway accidents with this valuable safety feature.

Forward Collision Warning

Before the automatic emergency brakes are triggered, the forward collision warning will locate obstacles in front of your vehicle and alert you so that you can intervene before the automated system does. You can turn this feature’s intensity up or down based on how conservatively you drive.

Obstacle Aware Acceleration 

This feature will slow down your vehicle's acceleration to keep you from ramming into anything unintentionally. There are “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” incidents that have been reported over the years, and this feature is a great proactive solution to it.

Side Collision Warning

This feature tells the driver about obstacles or vehicles that are coming towards the side or rear of your vehicle outside of your main path of vision. This feature, as well as blind-spot monitoring, prevents potential accidents caused by lane changes and stop-and-go driving in traffic.

Lane Departure Avoidance

Your Tesla’s safety feature can also track the lines on the road to keep you from drifting out of the correct lane. Lane Departure Avoidance subtly nudges your car back into the proper lane, but it is not to be considered a substitute to Autosteer, it’s more like bumpers on a bowling alley than automated driving.

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance 

This feature is a more serious version of Lane Departure Avoidance software. If your vehicle is drifting out of the lane and towards a collision, your vehicle can rapidly change directions and steer towards a safe open space.


Some drivers may not love the lack of control that comes with these features, but they are easy to turn off. Whether you like these features or not, they’re a huge reason why Tesla’s fleet has stellar 5-star safety ratings across all major and subcategories. Many consider it the safest car on the planet and it’s hard to argue when you look at all of the proof.

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