Owning a Tesla: What You Need to Know

Owning a Tesla is a statement in today’s world. People will associate it with class, environmental awareness, and just general coolness. But there is more that you need to know about owning a Tesla than just all of the swag it will add to your regular commutes and errands. Don’t just fall for the mystique of the most popular electric car in the world, learn about the company, features, and maintenance that will come with owning a Tesla. This blog will give you the scoop on everything you need to know about owning your first Tesla vehicle.

Maintenance When Owning a Tesla

A Tesla is unlike any other car on the road when it comes to performance. As a result, it is also unlike any car when it comes to taking care of its parts and software. Before buying your first Tesla, you should know that you will save thousands on repair and maintenance costs over time since Teslas cost a fraction of what most cars cost for repairs and updates. 

There are far fewer moving parts in a Tesla than in combustible engines, so without belts to wear out and fluids to leak, there is far less to worry about as your car racks up miles over time. You will also save money in many states thanks to the energy-friendly tax rebates that Tesla drivers often enjoy.

Insuring And Protecting Your Purchase

When shopping for your first Tesla, make sure to find a seller that can offer buyer protections for this long-term investment. In addition to secure transactions, you also need to have finance and insurance options researched before putting your money down. You should also make sure your potential purchase is inspected and approved by certified agencies like Clearvin, Black Book, and Pave to evaluate the condition and valuation of every vehicle.

Accessories When Owning a Tesla

It is highly likely that you will need to customize your Tesla with a few special accessories. All Teslas are not created equal, so make sure to vet your options and see if you will have the features and software you are expecting when buying from a private seller and not Tesla Motors. You can find great value in your dream car as long as you ask the right questions and take the time to find the one that was made for you!

Ready to Make Your Dreams of Owning a Tesla a Reality?

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