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Model S | 2016 | 75 | Blue

Mill Valley, California 09/Apr/2024 Individual UTL868

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Autopilot 1, Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced, Base Auto Pilot

Free Supercharging for life Interior Black leather & CARBON black next gen seats New wheels & tires. Sunroof Premium upgrades package GPS enabled

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Model S | 2016 | P90D | Red

San Diego, California 01/Apr/2024 Individual UTL831

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Autopilot 1, Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced Full Self Driving. Purchased., Accelaration Boost

NO FREE SUPERCHARGING You turn heads in this P90D! FULL SELF DRIVING, HW 3.0, Infotainment Upgrade, all updated cameras, 21" Turbine wheels, Chrome

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Model S | 2018 | 100D | Red

ENCINITAS, California 25/Mar/2024 Individual UTL978

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving. Purchased. Other

Fully loaded with every premium option and includes FSD

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Model S | 2023 | Long Range | Red

Austin, Texas 10/Mar/2024 Individual UTL973

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Base Auto Pilot

2023 Tesla Model S. Like BRAND NEW, zero-damage or scratches.

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Model S | 2021 | Plaid | Black

Windham, New Hampshire 29/Feb/2024 Individual UTL967

All Black Interior Base Auto Pilot

Excellent condition. Only driven in the summer. Stored in garage 100% of the time.

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Model S | 2022 | Long Range | White

Miami, Florida 09/Feb/2024 Individual UTL957

All Black Interior HW-3.0, None Full Self Driving. Purchased.

Exceptional 2022 Tesla Model S Long Range - Wrapped in a Matte Blue since its initial delivery, the car's original Pearl White Multi-Coat paint beneat

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Model S | 2016 | 90D | Titanium Metallic

Falls Church, Virginia 04/Feb/2024 Individual UTL926

Cream Interior HW-3.0, Autopilot 1

Rare color titanium metallic with Tan interior. Weathertech mats. Garage-kept. Sub-zero weather package. Premium upgrades package. Glossy obeche wood

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Model S | 2022 | Plaid | Silver

San Jose, California 10/Jan/2024 Individual UTL765

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving. Purchased.

Car is in Excellent condition. Professional Tint (sides and back) Ceramic Pro (entire vehicle) and clear wrap (hood, front fenders, side mirrors). New

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Model S | 2016 | 85 | Red

Tampa, Florida 16/Dec/2023 Individual UTL829

Cream Interior HW-3.0

2016 USED TESLA MODEL S 85 + FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING + 236 MILE RANGE Additional Specs: – Power Opening Panoramic Sunroof -Tan Next Gen Leathe

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Model S | 2015 | 70D | Black

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 05/Dec/2023 Individual UTL903

Cream Interior Autopilot 1

NEW rotors and brake pads all four wheels NEW 12v battery NEW fob, tinted windows, Tesla embroidered floor mats and winter mats, winter tires as well

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Model S | 2022 | Long Range | Black

San Diego, California 11/Nov/2023 Individual UTL883

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Base Auto Pilot Accelaration Boost

Model S All-wheel drive Solid Black (PBSB) 21" Arachnid Wheels Autopilot Yoke Steering

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Model S | 2020 | Long Range AWD | Black

Miramar, Florida 03/Nov/2023 Individual UTL886

Black and White Interior Base Auto Pilot

2020 Tesla Model S for sale (Miami, FL), Low mileage-32,800 miles, Black and White Premium Interior, 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels (powder coated

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Model S | 2018 | 75D | Silver

Fontana, Wisconsin 20/Oct/2023 Individual UTL797

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving. Purchased.

Full Self Driving (FSD) Software ($15,000 option) Remaining warranty is for the following: Drive Unit: May 29, 2026 or unlimited total miles, which