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Model S | Mar 2016 | 70D | Black

Redding, Connecticut 15/Aug/2022 Individual UTL417

All Black Interior Base Auto Pilot, Autopilot 1 Trunk / Trunk Kit Other

Autopilot with convenience features, free unlimited supercharging, Dual Motor AWD, Full Sunroof, garage kept, highway miles.

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Model S | Jul 2013 | 85 | Silver

Grosse Ile Township, Michigan 04/Jul/2022 Individual UTL370

All Black Interior None

Stunning Model S 85 with Impeccable Interior and Exterior: Premium Package, ABS and Traction Control, All Glass Panoramic Sunroof, 5G LTE and MCU Upgr

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Model S | Mar 2018 | 100D | Silver

Los Angeles, California 28/May/2022 Individual UTL347

All Black Interior Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced

This Car is in impeccable condition. My father is older and drove this to and from work and it barley was driven much. It was taken care of very well

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Model S | Jun 2018 | 75D | Silver

Whitestown, Indiana 09/May/2022 Individual UTL332

All Black Interior Enhanced Autopilot, Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced Full Self Driving

Car is in great condition. Some minor chipping on the lower front bumper. Only selling due to buying a house and needing to clear up funds.

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Model S | May 2018 | 100D | White

Hartsdale , New York 05/May/2022 Individual UTL299

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Enhanced Autopilot, Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced

Taking delivery on NEW MODEL S MID AUGUST!!! 2017 model bought new in May 2018 Free Supercharging for life on this VIN ! Limited warranty expire

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Model S | Jun 2019 | 100D | Silver

Atlanta , Georgia 25/Apr/2022 Individual UTL311

All Black Interior HW-3.0, Enhanced Autopilot

Never smoked in New tires

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Model S | Oct 2021 | 90D | Black

Springfield, Virginia 11/Apr/2022 Individual UTL273

Cream Interior Autopilot 1 Ludicrous Other

2015 Exceptionally low mileage, features that are no longer available. Premium Upgrades Package Obsidian Black Metallic Sunroof (can't get this on

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Model S | Mar 2015 | 60 | Red

Palo Alto, California 23/Mar/2022 Individual UTL257

Black and White Interior Base Auto Pilot, Autopilot 1 Accelaration Boost

Premium Connectivity (unlimited), Free Tesla supercharging, All glass panoramic roof, GPW enabled homelink, Rear Wheel Drive, Red multi-coat (PMMR), N

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Model S | Sep 2017 | 100D | White

San Marino, California 11/Mar/2022 Individual UTL282

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving

Car in very good shape, car has 3m film on full front and side view mirrors, wheels do have road rash.

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Model S | Apr 2019 | 100D | Red

Sterling, Virginia 06/Feb/2022 Individual UTL258

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving

Selling Fully paid up Model S 100D 2018 purchased May 2019 - title in hand. Standard 4 year warranty valid until April 2023 and battery warranty valid

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Model S | Sep 2021 | Plaid | Black

South Elgin, Illinois 22/Dec/2021 Individual UTL218

All Black Interior HW-3.0 Full Self Driving

Unbelievable car. It will exceed your expectations.

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Model S | Oct 2018 | 75D | Black

Irvine, California 20/Dec/2021 Individual UTL231

Black and White Interior Enhanced Autopilot

****28165 Miles! The Pave AI report read the odometer wrong! Enhanced Autopilot Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Solid Black (PBSB) Premium Upgrades P

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Model S | Mar 2017 | 75D | Silver

Melville, New York 31/Oct/2021 Individual UTL199

All Black Interior Base Auto Pilot

2017 tesla model S. Great car in exellent shape…. Dark grey silver

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Model S | Jan 2017 | 100D | Silver

Walnut Creek, California 13/Oct/2021 Individual UTL185

All Black Interior Base Auto Pilot, HW-3.0 Accelaration Boost

It includes an additional 1 year or 10,000 used car warranty from Tesla from the date of purchase which was Oct 2021. In effect the warranty expires i

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Model S | Sep 2015 | P90D | Midnight Silver Metallic

Zionsville, Indiana 02/Aug/2021 Individual UTL124

All Black Interior Autopilot 1 Accelaration Boost Floor Mats Other

ModelS P90D Insane + (0-60 in 3.2 seconds). Premium interior package. Subzero weather package. Range upgrade to enable "Insane+ Mode". 100%

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Model S | Jun 2020 | Performance | Midnight Silver Metalic

West Bloomfield , Michigan 13/Jun/2021 Individual UTL39

Black and White Interior HW-3.0, Auto Pilot 2 Enhanced Full Self Driving, Accelaration Boost, Ludicrous

Excellent car. Very clean. Very fast. Well kept. Babied. Garage Kept. FREE UNLIMITED CHARGING. Carbon Fiber Interior. Fully loaded every option possib